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Our restaurant can welcome you every day for lunch and dinner.

Booking is mandatory at least 1 day before the chosen date. We can accommodate from 2 to 20 people indoors or outdoors.

You can compose your menu from the dishes below. Be careful, the same menu is served for all guests. Possibility of a children’s menu at 32.500 TND.

All our dishes are prepared from fresh produce. Depending on the season and arrivals, some dishes may not be available temporarily or the accompaniment may be slightly different (consult us).

In case of a particular allergy, please inform us in advance.

On the guest table menu

Our menus

Every day the Chef offers a menu after returning from the market. This menu includes a cold or hot starter, a main dish and a dessert.

the meal is 65 TND (excluding drinks).

The menu

The menu changes with seasons. Our proposals include cold or hot starters, local meat or fish dishes, and a set of desserts.

Our proposals for cold or hot starters

Salade de saison de Tozeur (winter / summer)

The inspiration of the Chef with the crudités of the market according to the season

Salade Mechouia

Tomatoes, onions, grilled peppers and minced after cooking, garlic seasoning and with coriander powder and olive oil

Salade Ajlouk de courgettes

Typical zucchini salad cooked, a wonderful mix of Tunisian spices, harissa, red pepper, garlic and olive oil.

Brick à l’œuf avec salade

The classic tunisian « brick » fried with the minimum of oil so that it is lighter

Lablabi (Soupe de pois chiche)

Chickpea soup and bread, a bit spicy and spicy

Chorba tunisienne

Traditional soup made from turkey meat, wheat seeds, tomatoes and vegetables

Our proposals for main plates

Poulet aux olives et citrons confits

Specialty Chef, chicken, onions, melting lemons

Mixed grilled meat (lamb, merguez, chicken), accompanied by coarse grain semolina with tomato sauce and onion

Chakhchoukha Djéridienne (spécialité de Tozeur)

Party dish composed of crumbled pasta, sprinkled with red sauce with spicy meat, chickpeas and, depending on the season, zucchini, carrots and turnips, or potatoes

Agneau à la gargoulette

Melted marinated lamb and baked in a terracotta jar

Dorade de Mahdia grillée / Loup (selon saison)

Mediterranean fresh fish (seabam or bass depending season) simply grilled

Filet de bœuf aux légumes de saison et riz oriental

Soft and lean part of the beef, our tenderloin is accompanied by vegetables gently and spicy (not hot !) and rice

Mloukhia (sauce verte, le « Met du roi » à la viande de chameau)

Meat gently cooked, typical Tunisian dish reviewed and improved by the Chef!

Our proposals for dessert

Fresh fruit salad

Cup of ice cream (sorbets 3 balls)

Tea with Stuffed Dates of Tozeur with Almond Paw and Tea

Tea with set of of typical Tunisian pastries

Melted marinated lamb and baked in a terracotta jar

Zgougous cream (light dessert flavored with Aleppo pine see

Water and non-alcoholic beverages

Still water (1 l.)

Sparkling water Garci (1 l.)

Coca, Orangina, Seven Up, Pineapple drink (33 cl.)

Schweppes (33 cl.)

Fruit juice

Fresh orange juice (20 cl.)

Fresh lemon juice (20 cl.)

Fresh fruit juice (20 cl.)

Date juice (20 cl.)

Banana juice (20 cl.)


Celtia beer (30 cl bottle)

Heineken (25cl bottle)

Tunisian wine (Vieux Magon)

Red wine (75 cl bottle)

White wine (75 cl bottle)

Rosé wine (75 cl bottle)

Red wine glass (15 cl)

Rosé wine glass (15 cl)

White wine glass (15 cl)

Hot drinks

Mint flavored tea

Pine nut tea

Almond tea

Espresso coffee

Turkish coffee

Hot chocolate



White rum, sugar syrup, lime, sparkling water, mint leaves, ice cubes

Cuba Libre

White rum, coca-cola, lemon juice, ice cubes

Gin Tonic

Gin, soda, slice of lemon

Blue lagoon

Vodka, Blue Curacao, Lemon Juice

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