Beauty lies in a healthy mind, body and spirit

In Dar Tozeur house, you are welcomed to taste a moment of relaxation and relaxation in a friendly environment.

For your comfort, the wellness area is private and reserved for the residents only.

Notre héritage

Tunisia is an important destination for well-being. Hospitable and Mediterranean country with scents of jasmine and orange blossom where well-being is rooted in tradition. Water has always been a source of beauty and natural health, from Roman baths to hammams in the medinas. Today, Tunisia is the second country in the world in thalassotherapy. In Tozeur, the tradition of hammam and massage continues.

Revive your body

The hammam is a long-standing tradition in Tunisia. We have dedicated a space in the house to welcome you and preserve this custom with modern comfort. The jacuzzi, the two massage rooms, the sports room, the relaxing showers are our wellness area ready to welcome you.

Enter a world dedicated to well-being, a journey to the heart of relaxation and relaxation.

Our wellness area invites you to discover its real traditional hammam, its jacuzzi decorated with handcrafted tiles, and its range of relaxing massages that will transport you to an exotic world.

We offer you a range of treatments, combined with feminine and masculine care, time will then take on another dimension called “evasion”.


Wellness & Spa Amenities









Exclusive offer

Our offer of massages and beauty treatments

Tonic massage

It is a technique that stimulates the whole body. The practitioner uses the techniques of kneading, palpate-rolling, pressure, percussion with great movements

30 mn |1 H

Anti-stress massage

This traditional massage allows, thanks to relaxing movements using mainly the palms of the hands, to relieve muscle pain and tension and to promote blood circulation.

30 mn |45 mn

Relaxing massage

The relaxing massage brings a certain well-being for body and mind.... This technique makes it possible to "untie the knots" but also muscular and articular tensions while eliminating toxins from the body.

30 mn

Special back massage

The benefits of back massage. It also helps to remove toxins and stimulate blood, lymphatic and energy circulation... The back is the sentimental center of the body.

20 mn

Californian massage

Californian massage is a global approach that aims to relax as much as to awaken a psycho-corporal consciousness. This massage uses long, slow and fluid movements that allow for deep physical and psychological relaxation.

30 mn

Facial massage

A facial massage technique that works on the meridians and acupuncture points. It helps to rebalance the circulation of energy in the face and neck.

20 mn

Special leg massage

Leg massage will stimulate the circulation of body fluids by moving stagnant blood up the veins to the abdomen and removing excess water. It also helps to relax muscles.

30 mn

Indian skull massage

Originating from India, used in the past to obtain shiny hair. It is practiced with or without massage oil and provides a moment of well-being to the person who benefits from it.

20 mn

Anti-cellulite massage

It consists of applying two massage rollers to the target area. Efficient, it delocalizes fats under the skin, reduces cellulite and remodels the skin surface

30 mn

Lymphatic draining massage

Draining massage stimulates the lymph (a liquid composed of white blood cells that play a role in the immune system) and eliminates toxins. It stimulates circulation and firms tissues.

45 mn

Seaweed massage

It is a treatment that uses the therapeutic properties of seawater and algae to oxygenate, tone, hydrate and revitalize the body and skin.

20 mn

Clay massage

Clay treatments remain a safe, effective way to improve many daily health problems, both in prevention and cure.

20 mn

Exfoliating scrub (gommage)

A scrub, or exfoliant, removes dead cells from the epidermis. The skin is smoothed, the absorption of moisturizers and cell renewal are promoted.

20 mn
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